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We deliver the finish and coating you desire for your vehicle, but as soon as its on te road its picking up dirt. The better the coating the harder it is for dirt to stick, you can keep it clean with recular rinsing of water to flush away contaminents before they have chance to dry to the surface. To help you keep the clean apearance you want for your car, we have teamed up with Knapphus.


Our customers revieve a 50% discount on on brushless machine washes, giving you a safe option to maintain a clean car. You can show your VIP card at selected shell stations owned by Knapphus during the guaranti of the coating appled. So while fueling your car, why not have a wash and take advantage of the offers and services available at your local shell station.

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Shell Norheim

Norheimsmarka 3

5542, Karmsund





Shell Haugesund

Karmsundgata 54

5529, Haugesund





Shell Aksdal

Tysværvegen 3

5570, Aksdal

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